oh my god 9__9 my life has been such a mess!! i’m so sorry for my lack of activity. it has been KILLING ME!!! i think everything should be cleared up soon though. bewlglhhkkgh

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im u

(all) things bad about my muse

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I hope the Legion strings you up on a cross to rot.

They would feel proud to take me down, I am sure, but they will have to catch me first.

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How does it feel to have the person you loved mega dead? I bet he watched the whole legion thing go down up there in deadland.

I don’t believe there’s an afterlife.

Send my character messages that you think will strike a nerve.

Whether the reaction be anger or sadness.

(PS!!! i am really sorry for my sudden inability to reply, i’ve been housing a friend for a few days [and two more before me] and helping her get things together for her school semester, so it’s been pretty difficult to get on. I AM SORRY LBLGLHHKgh i am so ready to be back and writing.)

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Literal rude awakenings.

There was absolutely nothing about the shack that called out to him over the other three, except for the fact that it had the least amount of dust-and-web-filled crevices. The mattress also bore minimal holes and stains, so that had been a plus as well. Anthony had settled down in minutes, which had consisted of him removing bulkier bits of his armor and placing them along with the rest of his belongings beside the bed. He had done his best to blockade the door, to no avail, and resorted to keeping a pistol nestled within arms reach, instead. 

In due time, after he had arranged everything efficiently and scouted the perimeter for any angry animals, Anthony succumbed to a light sleep on the mattress (which turned out to be even less comfortable than he had imagined it to be). In the hot, enveloping air of the shack, he did not dream.